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Why Choose Graphic Edge Photography?

When your well-meaning loved one steps into the aisle with a cell phone to get a picture of the “The Kiss” during your ceremony, unaware that she has just walked in front of the photographer’s lens, we have another camera at the ready. Disaster avoided. At Graphic Edge Photography, we always work weddings with two photographers. There are too many important moments happening for any one person to handle. This also allows us to photograph events close up and at a distance simultaneously to get the best overall coverage of your personal wedding story.

Our photographers each bring backup cameras, extra batteries, and plenty of brand new SD cards just in case. This helps prevent the loss of precious memories due to equipment failure.

Anyone can buy a DSLR camera and portable studio and then sell themselves cheap as a wedding photographer only to create horrible images, leaving you with an album of regret. In the business, this is referred to as “fauxtography”. Don’t be fooled by a non-professional. We have the technical training, knowledge, and experience to make our cameras work for us down to the smallest detail. You won’t see us using anything other than Full Manual Mode “M” (which is one way to tell the hobbyists from the professionals).

I always tell my clients that the rings and the photos are the only part of your wedding day that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime— these are the things you want to invest in. We’ve all heard the adage, you get what you pay for...

If you want talent, professional quality, and memories captured that can be celebrated for generations, then you have come to the right place!



We edit your images in post production to enhance their natural beauty and upload them to a personal online gallery. From your gallery, you will be able to choose your favorite images for your print package and wedding album(s) and email me your selection. When selected for designer albums or enlargements, the images will be digitally airbrushed to provide a timeless photograph to be cherished for many years to come. We offer black & white for your enlargements in addition to traditional color prints at no extra charge.

Family and Friends can also order professional prints and products ala carte from your Proof Gallery. These will be shipped directly to the home of the person placing the order.



We offer a variety of Wedding Packages or you can build your own to suit your specific needs.

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