Team Sports Photos

Warriors Traveling Youth Basketball Team Lineup PosterWarriors PosterWarriors Traveling Youth Basketball Team


We charge $50 to come out and photograph your Individual and Group team photos. This nominal retainer covers the cost of travel, batteries, and SD Cards for the cameras; the rest is recovered through package sales.

The non-refundable retainer fee is due upon arrival at your photo session.


Schedule your Team Picture Day early in the season!

We highly recommend scheduling before a game, this will ensure maximum attendance from your players and they will already be in uniform. We need a full hour set aside for the photo session. If time allows, we will do a team lineup photo like the one pictured above, and a custom 11x14 poster will be designed for parents to order.


Photos will be uploaded to your gallery and ready to order within 1-2 weeks.

Note: A custom Team Lineup Poster will add a few days to the upload time.



The Day of Your Event

Coaches will be responsible for having the parents sign a Model Release Form for Minors,
giving us permission to photograph the players.

Fliers with package prices and ordering information will be provided.


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