Why Equality is Important to Us

January 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Equality in PhotographyEquality in Photography

You've finally found the love of your life, ready to make a lifelong commitment. Excited to pronounce your devotion and recite carefully scripted vows in front of friends and family. You have your venue, the rings, the perfect attire, and now you need a photographer to capture this momentous beginning of your Happily Ever After. The two of you review websites after endless searches and personal referrals and narrow it down to someone who has the keen eye and editing style that would perfectly accent your personalities.

You call for a consultation. The photographer eagerly agrees to meet with you in a coffee shop to show samples of her work and fill out paperwork pertaining to your unique wedding vision. She was so personable and easy to talk to on the phone and you're thinking, 'I could see us hiring her to spend the most important day of our lives documenting every thoughtfully planned detail.'

The two of you arrive at the coffee shop, cheerfully greet the photographer, only to see shock and disappointment on her face. "I'm sorry, I don't do same sex weddings."

I can't imagine anything more disheartening. From the church to the officiant to the photographer, the anxiety of possible rejection at every turn just reinforces the pain of ignorance that you face on a daily basis. You deserve to have a dream wedding, to have the professionals you hire to share this important day without secretly judging your lifestyle.

We will provide professional photography services with a heart of celebration and acceptance... whether it be for your engagement, your wedding, the birth or adoption of your children, your family photos in the comfort of your home, or a boudoir session for your wedding gift or anniversary.


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