Bringing to Life the Playful Chaos of a Group Photo

August 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wicks Family ReunionWicks Family ReunionGroup Photo

Welcome to Our Crazy Family!

Using a tripod and intervalometer, we were able to capture this massive group photo of the Wicks family at our reunion this summer. We set up the timer to take several consecutive shots, told everyone to smile and keep smiling until the shutter stopped clicking, and then ran into place to strike a pose.

There were a few stragglers that were hesitant to leave their picnic tables but I whipped them into gear by announcing, "Now or never. We are about to take this once in a lifetime family photo with or without you, so line up on the hill and make sure you can see the camera lens so that it can see you too."

I'm pretty sure that the people in the back are hiding on purpose, but rather than rearranging everyone while the kids grew more and more restless, I decided it was best to just capture our chaos as is.

While looking through the series of shots to choose the best one, I noticed that the kids in the front were having a great time goofing off and giving each other 'bunny ears' and thought that it would be cool to bring them to life by creating an animated GIF.




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