How Being a Graphic Artist Sets Me Apart as a Photographer

February 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Basketball Team Poster design in progressBasketball Team Poster design in progress

This screen grab is a design in progress from my latest photo shoot for Coach Ryan Woods and his traveling youth basketball team, the Warriors. I promised him that if we had time, I would shoot a team lineup photo and design a cool poster for the parents.

I start by editing the image in Adobe Lightroom, which is the editing software of choice for professional photographers. Then I import it into Photoshop to finish the editing and begin the design process. The most difficult part is cutting the kids out of the background, which was an ugly off-white brick wall. It took me about 25 minutes per child to create a believable alpha channel. There is nothing worse than seeing a photographer who can't do a decent outline in Photoshop — it can ruin even the most beautifully executed photography.

My poster design is almost complete. I still have to add the kids' names in a thick masculine-looking font and put some cool effects on the text. My final step is to add metadata and key wording for SEO, upload into a gallery on my website, and then turn on social media sharing and print ordering. Now you have a little insight into what kind of work goes into my finished photography.



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