The Latest Billboard Featuring My Winter Landscape Photography

December 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Merry Christmas Billboard for Perfect FitMerry Christmas Billboard for Perfect FitThis is the second billboard featuring my photography and the first one I designed.

This billboard is running until midnight on December 25th for Perfect Fit in Clio. You can see it on the digital rotation on I-75N at Exit 131. I took this photo shortly after the ice storm at Crossroads Village. This is the second time my photography has been used on a billboard, and the first time I have designed one. 

This was originally designed to be the new cover image for Perfect Fit's Facebook Page and my boss liked it so much that he asked me to do a billboard as well. I tried to keep calm even though I wanted to squeal like a teenager and jump up and down.

It's really exciting to drive by it and see my work!



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